Governance: Board and Audit Committee Advisory Services

We can help you improve your control environment by enhancing your governance practices.

The foundation of any control structure is its control environment.  Ineffective controls can damage your organization.  Allowing CF&M to evaluate your governance practices and help you establish an appropriate “tone at the top” which in turn will put you on the proper course for sound internal controls.

By letting the partners and staff of CF&M provide you with an independent perspective of the risks facing your organization you will be conducting a valuable monitoring activity of your controls.  We can provide a global view of the threats to your financial, operational, technological and compliance objectives and provide reasonable and appropriate solutions to help you properly manage these risks.

With our experience in serving the non-profit industry and on non-profit boards we can bring a unique perspective to the challenges you face every day.  Also by serving in similar capacities we have an appreciation for the issues you face and know how to advocate for positive change, while still maintaining our independence and objectivity.