Professional Services for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Our expertise lies in our un-paralleled knowledge of the not-for-profit industry and it is the strength from which we offer a diverse array of professional services geared towards making your organizations more efficient and profitable.

Audit, Review and Compilations
CF&M is qualified to provide audits, reviews and compilations of not-for-profit organizations. Custom formulated to meet specific objectives, every engagement differs according to the level of service required and our clients particular needs. Audits offer the highest assurance that the organizations financial statements are presented fairly. Benefits of an audit include:

  • Recommendations on financial statement format
  • Improving internal controls
  • Enhancing administrative performance
  • Assistance in tax and regulatory filings

For those clients with less significant requirements we provideĀ  Reviews and Compilations, which are less in scope and assurance than our audit services. Reviews consist of inquiries with management and analytical procedures. Compilations are limited to the presentation of financial information in financial statement format and offers no assurance of the accuracy of the data presented.

Fund Raising
Working closely with many publicly supported organizations over the years CF&M has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. Sharing this knowledge with our clients has enabled them to more efficiently and effectively raise money. Through our extensive work with Catholic charity fund raising programs, CF&M has developed performance benchmarks that support a quantified approach, measuring fund raising program improvements through the comparison of results with other similar Catholic charities. Our primary goals are to enable our clients to take ownership of their programs and efficiently provide the financial resources needed to fulfill their mission purposes.

Investment and Budget Planning
Investment and Budget Planning for the future is essential to the not-for-profit organization. Investment plans developed and implemented by CF&M range from providing retirement and health care for aging constituency to building endowment funds for formation and education, to the funding of depreciation and future growth initiatives. Budgeting and monitoring operations are also vital management skills. In addition to assisting with budgetary planning and implementation of budget systems, we help develop investment advisory committees to monitor performance and communicate with the Board of Directors or Provincial Council.

Tax and Regulatory Agencies
CF&M is knowledgeable of and understands the filing requirements of the IRS, State and local agencies. In addition, we are intimately familiar with the accountability statement required to be filed with the National Catholic Development conference.